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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

 12:55 PM 

Sanders backers pushing resolution calling for Wisconsin superdelegates to vote in line with primary results

A group of Bernie Sanders supporters is pushing a resolution ahead of this weekend’s Dem state convention that would call for Wisconsin’s 10 superdelegates to cast their votes in line with the results of the state’s April primary the Vermont senator won handily.

Delegates are already slated to consider a resolution that would call for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to support abolishing the superdelegate system.

Buzz Davis, who is leading the effort, said the group wants to amend that resolution to add the language calling for the state’s superdelegates to split 6-4 in Sanders’ favor. Currently, six superdelegates have pledged their support to Hillary Clinton, one is supporting Sanders and the other three have not committed to a candidate. Sanders won Wisconsin's presidential primary with nearly 56.6 percent of the vote.

The state party said superdelegate rules are set by the Democratic National Committee and any resolution would be nonbinding.

Still, Davis said he hoped the resolution would put pressure on the state’s superdelegates to flip in Sanders’ favor. He noted three of the superdelegates now backing Clinton are elected officials, as is U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, who is one of the three uncommitted delegates. If the superdelegates remain overwhelmingly in favor of Clinton, he warned, some progressives may hold it against those elected officials at the polls.

“They will see the handwriting on the wall,” he said.

For the amended resolution to be considered this weekend in Green Bay, backers must provide the Platform and Resolutions Committee at least 50 copies by Friday afternoon. The committee would then consider whether it would be considered by the full convention, according to the party.

“We look forward to a healthy discussion on Saturday about proposed resolutions and changes to the party platform -- including conversations about how pledged and un-pledged national delegates are selected,” said Dem spokesman Brandon Weathersby. “As Democrats in Wisconsin, we pride ourselves on being open and fair, and giving people across the state a process and venue to share their ideas and address their concerns." 

The proposed resolution reads:

WHEREAS, the Democratic Party is the party of inclusiveness and the people;

WHEREAS, the superdelegates are not beholden to the electorate; and,

WHEREAS, we believe that superdelegates have eroded the faith of the base in their ability to affect the outcome of the Presidential nomination;

THEREFORE, RESOLVED, the DPW supports the abolishment of the superdelegate system for the 2020 election, supports the will of the people, as defined by 4-5-16 Democratic primary vote, and directs WI SuperDelegates to cast their votes proportionally (6 Sanders and 4 Clinton) on each national convention ballot until released by their pledged candidate. 

-- By JR Ross


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