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Friday, June 03, 2016

 8:43 PM 

Moore calls on party to wake up

U.S. Rep Gwen Moore went through two fairy tales and a long list of the types of people who are sleepwalking in the Wisconsin to make the point that Dems need to wake up.

In fact, she yelled to the crowd to look at the people next to them and shout, "Neighbor, are you awake?"

The Milwaukee Dem then launched into "Sleeping Beauty" and "Snow White" and said the two stories have a few similarities.

"I want you to notice the main characters of these tales are asleep for most of the tale," she said, again urging Dems to wake up and recognize they can't sleep on Donald Trump's candidacy.

Both stories also involved an evil character masquerading as someone good. Moore put state Republicans in that role, saying they trot out harmful policies as gifts.

"We just need Jim Crow voter ID laws to protect the integrity of the vote," she said, mocking Republicans.

And Moore closed her speech with a warning.

"Wisconsin Democrats, ain't no prince coming to wake us up," she said.

-- By Chris Thompson


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