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Friday, June 03, 2016

 7:26 PM 

Laning names Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton

Wisconsin Dem Party Chairwoman Martha Laning took a not-so-subtle shot at Republicans by saying aloud the names of the two Dem presidential candidates.

"I'll take Sen. Bernie Sanders, I'll take Secretary Hillary Clinton," Laning said, "over the entertainer who only cares about himself."

After the Republican state convention last month, Dems were quick to point how rarely presumptive nominee Donald Trump's name came up. Laning's mentioning both candidates drew cheers and laughs from the crowd.

She also got the crowd ready for an evening of speeches by reporting "we are at the best place we've been at for years."

She said one of the first things she did last year after becoming chair was to travel the state, listening to what party members needed her to do. As a result, she said, the party is getting more information on the issues out to members, expanding the party's staff in Madison and across the state, and leveraging the talent of volunteers.

She said it's time for Dems to take back Wisconsin.

"The Republican Party is committed to offering more of the same failed, dangerous ideas," she said.

But Laning said the Dem Party's work now will "ensure that we defeat Scott Walker and take back our state Legislature by 2020."

Listen to Laning's speech.

  -- By Chris Thompson


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