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Saturday, June 04, 2016

 1:19 PM 

Dem activists approve resolutions calling for end to superdelegate system, urging Wisconsin's 10 to vote 6-4 for Sanders

Dem activists today called for abolishing superdelegates in future presidential races while urging the 10 from Wisconsin to cast their ballots next month 6-4 in favor of Bernie Sanders.

Still, superdelegate rules are set by the national party, and both resolutions are nonbinding. 

Six of the state’s 10 superdelegates are backing Hillary Clinton, while one is supporting Bernie Sanders. One resolution “strongly urges” the superdelegates to cast their ballots in proportion to the results of Wisconsin's primary, which Sanders won with 56.6 percent. Short of that, the superdelegates are strongly urged to vote for the candidate who won the popular vote in the jurisdiction they represent.

The resolution was tweaked slightly to call for superdelegates to continue casting their ballots 6-4 in Sanders' favor unless they were released by their candidates.

The other resolution puts the party on record supporting abolishing the unpledged superdelegate system. That could either come through doing away with them or requiring them to vote in proportion to the popular votes each candidate received in their state.

Both resolutions were part of a package party activists approved that covered everything from redistricting to state party elections.

See the original package of resolutions, some of which were amended.

UPDATE: Here is the exact wording of both resolutions:

WHEREAS, the stated purpose of superdelegates is to maximize the ability of people other than elected officials and party leaders to participate in the nomination process;
WHEREAS, we believe that contrary to this purpose, superdelegates have eroded voters’ faith in their ability to affect the outcome of the Presidential nomination;
THEREFORE, RESOLVED, DPW supports the abolishment of the unpledged superdelegate system (e.g. either by eliminating them, or by requiring them to vote in proportion to the share of the popular vote each candidate received in their state);
FURTHER RESOLVED, DPW instructs its DNC delegation to actively work for this goal.

WHEREAS, the democratic nature of the Democratic Party has been questioned, due to the stated voting intentions of many superdelegates;
THEREFORE, RESOLVED, DPW strongly urges Wisconsin's superdelegates to collectively cast their votes on each ballot at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in proportion to the Wisconsin primary vote until if and when they are released by their candidate;
FURTHER RESOLVED, failing this, DPW strongly urges each superdelegate to vote on each ballot for the candidate who won the popular vote in the jurisdiction they represent until if and when they are released by their candidate.

-- By JR Ross


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