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Thursday, May 26, 2016

 4:54 PM 

Dems to consider non-binding resolution calling for end of superdelegate system

Attendees at the Dem state convention next weekend will consider a non-binding resolution calling for the party to support abolishing the superdelegate system.

Superdelegates are laid out in national party rules, but the resolution could be one way for Bernie Sanders supporters to express their displeasure with the system. Six of Wisconsin’s 10 superdelegates are backing Hillary Clinton even though Sanders won Wisconsin’s April 5 primary with almost 57 percent of the vote. So far, only Rep. David Bowen, the party’s vice chair from Milwaukee is backing Sanders.

The proposed resolution reads, “superdelegates have eroded the faith of the base in its ability to affect the outcome of the Presidential nomination.” 

It’s one of 41 resolutions sent to convention delegates, alternates and guests in an email this week. 

Other resolutions in the packet include one urging the state party to change rules so members can vote for officers via mail or online; now, they have to attend convention to cast ballots.


*urge the party to ask the Dane County DA and the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate WEDC, arguing AG Brad Schimel “cannot be trusted to fairly investigate” the agency’s problems;

*call for restoring state funding to Planned Parenthood and the repeal civil service changes as well as Act 10.

Attendees also will have the opportunity to propose resolutions from the convention floor. They must be submitted by 3 p.m. June 3 to be considered.

-- By JR Ross


Monday, May 23, 2016

 4:38 PM 

12 running for DNC

Twelve people are running for the Wisconsin Dem Party's four slots on the national committee. But the elections at next month's convention won't impact the superdelegate count in the presidential race.

That's because the new terms don't start until the conclusion of the national convention in Philadelphia in July, a state party spokesman said.

Three of Wisconsin's current DNC members have endorsed Hillary Clinton: Christine Bremer Muggli, Michael Childers and Martha Love. The fourth, Jason Rae, has said he will back the candidate with the most pledged delegates going into the national convention.

Love and Rae are seeking re-election, while the other two are not. Under party rules, two slots are reserved for women and two for men. The top two vote getters in each gender category will win four-year terms.

The women running are: Love, a former state party chair; Kristin Hansen, development director for the Wisconsin ACLU; state Sen. Janet Bewley, of Ashland; Jamie Shiner, chair of the party's LGBT Caucus; and Tammy Wood, a cannabis activist who owns a smoke shop in Reedsburg.

Kaja Rebane, a graduate student at UW-Madison, filed to run, but said she is dropping her campaign because she may move out of state in the next year or two and could not commit to a full four-year term.

The men are: Rae, Gary Hawley, the Portage County Dem chair; Andrew Werthmann, an Eau Claire alderman; Glendale Mayor Bryan Kennedy; Jake Burns; Eric Quam; and Michael O'Connell.

Overall, six of Wisconsin's 10 superdelegates are backing Hillary Clinton. State Rep. David Bowen, the party's vice chair, is supporting Bernie Sanders, while the other three have not endorsed anyone publicly yet. 

-- By JR Ross



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