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Saturday, June 06, 2015

 10:57 AM 

Wineke: 'I want to be the Aaron Rodgers' of the Dem Party

Joe Wineke says he wants to be the Aaron Rodgers of the Dem Party, promising to "throw deep" and go on offense against the GOP.

Wineke, who previously served as chair, said he comes with the experience of having won elections and will not need on-the-job training if elected. He also promised if Dems don't win in 2016, he would not come back to the party in 2017 to seek re-election, and Wineke laid out three principles he said should define the party compared to Republicans.

One, Dems should always be for public dollars going into public schools while Republicans back vouchers and privatization. Dems should always be for the average person, while Republicans cater to the rich and powerful. And Dems hould be the party of equality.

"The Republicans don't just pander to prejudice, they practice it," Wineke said.

-- By JR Ross


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