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Saturday, June 06, 2015

 9:14 AM 

Delegates recommend change to chair elections

The delegates approved recommending the party adopt an instant runoff system for future state chair races.

Under current party rules, there is one vote held with a simple plurality needed to win. With a four-way race today, that means a candidate could win with 26 percent of the vote, and some have complained about what they believe has been a divisive race.

The resolution urges the Administrative Committee to implement an instant runoff system anytime there are more than two candidates in the race for chair.

Under that system, delegates would rank their preferences. If it were in place today, that would mean ranking them one through four. If a candidate won more than half of the votes cast for first preference, that candidate would win. Otherwise, the candidate receiving the fewest votes is eliminate. That votes of that candidate's supporters are then assigned to the person they ranked as their second preference. The process would continue until someone breaks the 50-percent mark.

  -- By JR Ross


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