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Friday, June 06, 2014

 2:31 PM 

GOP puts up billboard ahead of convention, DNC fires back

The state GOP put up a billboard on I-94 between Milwaukee and Madison greeting those on their way to the Dem State Convention with a knock on Mary Burke over jobs.

The billboard says there were 133,000 jobs lost under Gov. Jim Doyle and Burke while Wisconsin has created 100,000 jobs under Gov. Scott Walker. On the right side of the billboard the message reads, "Moving Forward with Scott Walker."

A GOP spokesman said the billboard is located on I-94 so those traveling from Milwaukee to Madison can see it. The party also hoped to have one up in the Dells at some point today or tomorrow.

The DNC quickly fired back that the billboard has two "swings and misses." The party noted Wisconsin PolitiFact rated the claim that Doyle's policies led to 133,000 jobs lost as "mostly false," while pointing out Walker promised to create 250,000 new jobs in his first term and that he is unlikely to meet his pledge.

"The kicker: In fact, under Walker’s leadership there are less Wisconsinites employed now than under Mary Burke’s leadership at Wisconsin Department of Commerce. Bravo WisGOP. Bravo," the party wrote in an email to reporters.

-- By JR Ross


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