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Saturday, June 08, 2013

 2:13 PM 

Delegates offer a variety of choices for '14 guv candidates

Reflecting the early stage of choosing a candidate, a handful of delegates WisPolitics.com talked to offered a variety of responses when asked who they'd like to see run for governor in 2014.

Terrell Martin from the 4th CD said he had no particular candidate in mind, but would like to see someone youthful -- in their 40s or 50s -- and who would be best to beat Gov. Scott Walker.

Maddie Williams of the 1st CD was uncertain who the best candidate would be, but would like to see Rep. Peter Barca run because he has experience and is honest and ethical. 

Trisha Kraus, also from the 1st CD, said her choices would be Sens. Tim Cullen and Kathleen Vinehout. She said Cullen is very knowledgeable about frac sand mining -- a key issue for her -- but was concerned his age could be an issue. She also said she hopes people encourage Vinehout, who she described as youthful and a “firecracker” and “go-getter” who is also knowledgeable about the mining issue.

Adam Grabski, a guest from the 2nd CD who is co-chair of the Wisconsin Grassroots Network, said he would support Vinehout if she ran, but would like to see someone from outside of politics, perhaps from the business or philanthropic community, join the race.

“Hopefully someone like that steps up,” Grabski said.

Jonah Hermann of the 4th CD, a member of the College Dems Executive Board, said he was confident the party and Chair Mike Tate would choose a candidate that would win and that he would support that choice. A group of delegates accompanying him agreed with that sentiment.

A contingent from the 6th CD listed a variety of candidates they would like to see run.

Jeff Reese said he'd like to see Sen. Chris Larson throw his hat in, saying he is young, full of ideas and knowledgeable. Important issues for Reese included mass transit, the environment and student loan debt, which he said is threatening the economy.

Jeff Schultz said Barca would be a good candidate, saying he has courage and brains. He said Barca would appeal to voters all around the state and would be able to win votes not only from Democrats, but from independents and Republicans who are not happy with Walker and the GOP “blowing the budget.”

Steven Reid and Stuart Bellant both said Russ Feingold would be a good choice.

Bellant noted how Feingold has been committed to the Democratic Party for decades, while Reid said Feingold has a strong tradition as a progressive and thinks for himself.

“He exemplifies what 'forward' means in Wisconsin,” Reid said.

 -- By David Wise


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