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Friday, June 07, 2013

 10:22 PM 

Castro says Dems positioned to lead in time of change

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro told delegates that the Democratic Party is positioned to lead and win in a time of rapid change and crumbling barriers.

Castro said barriers such as race, ethnicity and sexual orientation that have kept people apart are crumbling, presenting an opportunity for a nation and a party ready for change.

“I’m here to tell you that the Democratic Party is ready to lead and the Republican Party is not ready for it,” he said to applause.

He said he is convinced that the coming years will be Democratic years in the United States and Wisconsin because the Democratic Party is the party of inclusion, opportunity and reason.

At the same time, he said Republicans have been divisive, turned their backs on investing in opportunity and have been “going out of their way to see who can be the most crazy” on issues such as climate change, gun control and women’s health.

He said that the Democratic Party is the party of “evidence, science and reason,” but that Democrats are also people of faith.

He said the party is open to dialog, which is needed to be successful in a changing world.

Castro said that America has “an unprecedented opportunity to lead in the 21st century” and noted that other nations are trying to copy its “secret sauce” of freedom and opportunity.

He pointed out that the middle class is growing in China, yet “you come to the United States and have a Republican Party trying to diminish the middle class and a Democratic Party that is continuing to try to build it up so we can be competitive in the 21st century global economy,” Castro said.

Castro thanked delegates for their hard work and pointed out challenges in Wisconsin.

He said that due to “gerrymandering,” Democratic legislators got 200,000 more votes than Republicans in Wisconsin but are in the legislative minority and that Walker has divided the people and taken away the right to collectively bargain.

“It must be distressing, but y’all are a resilient bunch,” he said.

He encouraged delegates to contact voters and “do every single thing that you can to ensure Democratic victory.”

For Wisconsin Democrats who might feel embattled, he reminded them that in the 29 state offices elected in Texas, all have gone to Republicans for the last 106 elections and both houses of the Legislature are near having a supermajority.

“So Wisconsin is a goldmine for me,” he quipped.

Listen to the speech.

 -- By David Wise


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