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Friday, June 08, 2012

 7:43 PM 

Tate: 'Some things are worth losing for'

DPW Chairman Mike Tate delivered a fiery address to delegates in his chairman's report, telling the audience that they came to the wrong gathering if they expected the party to wollow in this week's recall election losses.

"We are going to learn the lessons that we can from this election, but we will not despair," Tate said.

"We are not sorry, because some things are worth fighting for, and some things are worth losing for."

Tate said the recall election was never about one candidate or one party, but about the values of the state, calling the last year and a half part of a long struggle that the party will ultimately win.

"They cannot hold back the gates of progress for very long, and we will win this fight," Tate said.

He also predicted that Gov. Walker would see the inside of a jail cell before he sees another term in the East Wing.

"I will follow Scott Walker to the gates of Hell and back to make sure we are fighting for what is right all the time," Tate said.

Listen to the speech.

-- By Andy Szal


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