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Friday, June 08, 2012

 8:35 PM 

Moore tells Dems to 'shake it off'

U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore fired up the crowd with the story of a donkey who fell into a well.

The farmer and a friend tried their best to get the donkey out, but could not. The farmer realized the donkey could not survive at the bottom of the well and decided to bury the donkey there to be humane and end its suffering.

But as the farmer and his friend began to shovel dirt into the well, they noticed after each shovel, the donkey would shake off the dirt and take a little step up. That continued with each shovelful of dirt until the donkey was able with one mighty leap to make it out of the well.

“Hey, we’re donkeys. Democrats. This is our story. No one is going to bury us,” Moore said.

She then proceeded to tell the crowd to “shake it off” when the polls say Dems can’t win, when the media is being more favorable to Republicans and when Politifact is a lie, the last one drawing a standing ovation from the crowd.

“Power is with the people, and we’re the party of the people,” Moore said.

Moore also insisted Tuesday’s results included good signs for Dems come November. She said the exit polls indicated some Dems were not comfortable with the recalls and decided to vote for Gov. Scott Walker instead. She said Republicans “wouldn’t have done it for us.”

“But some of us have more integrity than I do,” Moore said. “I just don’t have that much integrity.”

Listen to the speech.

-- By JR Ross


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