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Saturday, June 09, 2012

 10:13 AM 

Barrett thanks delegates, pushes them to come back stronger

Tom Barrett thanked Dems Saturday morning for the work they put into campaign and challenged them to regroup and come back stronger in the future.

Barrett, who lost Tuesday’s recall election to Gov. Scott Walker, entered to a standing ovation as Bruce Springsteen’s “The Rising” played. The Milwaukee mayor said the guv’s race did not go as Dems would have liked, but it’s time to look toward the future.

“But we will come back stronger, will come back harder and we will come back better to represent the people of this state,” Barrett said.

Barrett told Dems about a woman who approached him and apologized because she hadn’t done more to help his campaign. The mayor said the woman was obviously attractive, but she told him she couldn’t go out in public to campaign for him because she wasn’t pretty. When he disagreed, she opened her mouth and showed him that al of her teeth were gone.

If society doesn’t care for friends, relatives and neighbors, “Then who are we? Who are we? What is this all about?”

Barrett said at their cores, Dems believe in fairness in society rather than a winner-take-all society. Even though some may be able to amass more wealth, that doesn’t mean they are entitled to a higher status in life. Barrett said God didn’t put people on this earth to amass all of that wealth, but there is a reason all of us are here.

“It’s to make sure we treat others with dignity and respect, and I believe that’s what Democrats stand for,” Barrett said.

Barrett said he’s never seen such a groundswell of support for Dem principles and said he was honored to be the standard bearer to carry that banner. He also said Republicans too often make the mistake of winning and then only serving those who voted for them.

“That is not what leadership is about. Leadership is about serving everyone,” Barrett said to a standing ovation.

-- By JR Ross


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