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Friday, June 03, 2011

 7:37 PM 

Tate vows Dem rout of the GOP

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate ripped Republicans over budget cuts and moves he said will harm the middle class, elderly and the working poor, while vowing to unseat republicans at all levels.

Tate said Walker awoke a sleeping giant when he proposed his budget repair bill that stripped most public unions of most bargaining rights. He said Walker divided the state in similar ways as the infamous anti-communist Sen. Joe McCarthy did.

“Our great party stood up to Joe McCarthy,” Tate said. “We are called to stand up to a figure that divided Wisconsin may ways like Joe McCarthy did.”

He praised the protesters who occupied the Capitol during the budget repair bill fight and the 14 Dem senators who left to Illinois to delay the bill.

But he said the fight has now moved to the districts, where six Republican senators face recall.

“The fight is in these districts and I believe in 39 days the people will speak, the people will be heard and we will tell Scott Walker and Paul Ryan that we have had enough,” Tate said.

He said the party has its sights on Walker.

"Scott Walker must be stopped and it will be the Democratic Party of Wisconsin that stops him," Tate said.

Tate said Walker and the state’s Republicans are “fundamentally changing the face and the values of Wisconsin.”

He said Walker’s budget will lead to crowded classrooms, leave seniors unable to pay for medication, and deny benefits to working men and women. He also ripped Paul Ryan, saying he supports tax cuts for wealthy corporations while proposing to end Medicare.

Tate drew applause when he said Dems would recall Walker, win control of the Senate and Assembly, unseat Reps. Ryan, Sean Duffy and Reid Ribble in 2012 while winning the state for Barack Obama and ensuring a Democrat wins Herb Kohl’s seat.

At one point, the audience broke into a chant of “recall Walker.”

-- By David Wise


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