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Saturday, June 04, 2011

 11:22 AM 

Kreitlow: 'Hello, thugs'

7th CD candidate Pat Kreitlow reminded delegates this morning that fans of an inferior football team to the south began using the term cheeseheads to refer to Wisconsinites as an insult. But state residents turned it around into a term of pride.

Likewise, he said it’s time Dems turn a new insult from those who adhere to an inferior political philosophy into another term of pride.

“And so it is that I say to you with great affection, 'Hello, thugs,’” Kreitlow said to a standing ovation.

Kreitlow used his speech to take a series of shots at GOP U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy, who he plans to challenge next fall, and deride the Republican philosophy in general.

Kreitlow said Republicans want to go back to a system where for-profit health care companies make decisions for patients, where the market polices business and where the economy is based on a trickle-down approach.

“Do you feel trickled on in a good way right now?” Kreitlow asked.

Kreitlow recalled being the oldest of four children with a mother who waited tables to get off welfare, but said Duffy treats the working poor like deadbeats. He recalled his younger brother dying at 9 after struggling with health issues, giving him an appreciation that Medicaid is a lifeline, but said Duffy treats struggling families with health issues as freeloaders. He said he knows the benefits of financial aid, but Duffy treats it as fat to be cut from the budget.

“He can talk about the deficit and spending and restraint all he wants,” Kreitlow said. “But as long as his cuts are hurting people on Main Street or Elm Street or First Street or Oak Street in order to benefit a select few on Wall Street, we know his priorities are not Wisconsin priorities, and we can limit Duffy’s damage to one term next year.”

-- By JR Ross


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