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Friday, June 03, 2011

 9:27 PM 

Barrett calls GOP drunk with power, says it's time to sober them up

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett accused Republicans of waging an ideological war against working people, the elderly and the poor and said they “cannot seem to take their foot off the accelerator.”

“These are not our Wisconsin values that this governor and this Legislature are trying to thrust upon the state of Wisconsin,” Barrett said. “These are not our Wisconsin values.”

Barrett said he warned people while on the campaign trail last fall against Walker, he warned people that Republicans would take the state so far to the right that they would fall off the face of the Earth and lamented that warning has come true.

He said while the state faces serious fiscal challenges and must cut waste, the budget cannot be balanced on the backs of the middle class while millionaires receive tax breaks. He said the GOP budget is asking everyone in the room to make sacrifices, but not those that are the best off and most wealthy.

He also said Republicans time and again are injecting themselves into local affairs, ignoring their mantra of local control.

“This group of Republicans is drunk with power,” Obey said. “They have sold out the middle class and Wisconsin values for a 12-pack of special interest brew. Now is the time to sober them up.”

-- By JR Ross


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