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Friday, June 11, 2010

 7:11 PM 

Sheridan says state GOP "sat on the sidelines" during recession

Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan knocked state Republicans for sitting on the sidelines as Democrats helped the state get through a recession he said resulted from GOP policies.

Sheridan aid Republicans created a financial “mess” and criticized them for not joining in efforts to fix it.

"It would have been a real chance to put politics aside and people first," Sheridan said.

Sheridan pointed to comments by Assembly Minority Leader Jeff Fitzgerald about the the state budget problems during the recession being the Democrats' problems and that what the GOP will be focused on will be winning back the majority.

“With historic challenges facing us they sat on the sidelines,” Sheridan said.

As a result of Dem efforts, Sheridan said unemployment rates are dropping and businesses are creating jobs.

He accused Republicans of being the “party of no” and for wanting the president, Congress and Dems in the state Legislature to fail so they can get back into power. “That is wrong.”

Sheridan questioned what would happen if Republicans had that attitude during WWII.

Sheridan encouraged attendees to work to elect candidates to preserve progress Democrats have made.

“This year the stakes have never been higher,” Sheridan said.

-- By David Wise


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