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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

 11:07 AM 

Delegate Diary: Day three kicks off

Stan Davis
This morning's delegation breakfast had three really outstanding speeches. The first was given by Sen. Russ Feingold. He took us inside of his experience with Barack Obama as the pair worked members of both parties to pass the strongest government reform law in history following the Jack Abrahmoff scandal. He talked about how Obama took on members of his own party who were not very excited about losing the ability to hop on a private jet and other goodies that Feingold and Obama sought to take away.

Feingold also reminded us of the good judgment that Obama has shown in the past and that bringing someone with the experience of Joe Biden onto the ticket is not an indication of weakness, but a sign of maturity, strength and leadership.

Next up was Gov. Jim Doyle. There are few more impassioned supporters of Barack Obama than the governor, and it shows. Today, the governor started by praising the efforts of Sen. Feingold in working with the Doyle administration to get things done every day for the people of Wisconsin. He then talked about what a profound change it would be to have an Obama administration in Washington to actually work with him on issues like providing health care to children instead of working against him.

The Governor then introduced the morning's final speaker. She was Cecile Richards of NARAL. Ms. Richards is the daughter of the late Gov. Ann Richards of Texas. In her speech, Richards recited the records of both candidates on women's health issues and issues generally. She told us that 50 percent of Sen. McCain's female supporters are pro-choice and many do not know that he is not. I was also surprised to learn that while Joe Biden was the author of the Violence Against Women Act; John McCain actually voted against it.

In about 20 minutes, I will actually go cast my delegate vote for Sen. Obama. After that, I may head to a caucus meeting or two before heading to the Pepsi Center for another night of speeches. Tonight features Bill Clinton, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, and V.P. Nominee Joe Biden. After the speeches, Wisconsin has a delegation party on the top floor of the Hyatt, which is all glass and apparently provides incredible views of the scenery and landscape of the Denver area.

-- Davis is a government relations partner at Axley Brynelson LLP.

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