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Friday, June 13, 2008

 7:18 PM 

SEIU bus tour hits DPW convo

Representatives of SEIU brought their purple "Road to American Health Care" bus into Stevens Point for a press conference on health care to kick off the convention.

Union members targeted the fall election to end "the Bush-McCain nightmare" on health care, and to increase their efforts after the election.

Rep. Donna Seidel blasted Assembly Republicans for ignoring health care during their time in the majority, arguing that the state's small businesses and farmers "have nowhere to turn" for health care. She called the location in Stevens Point ideal for a debate on health care, saying, "Our rural neighbors are uninsured at even higher rates."

Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker used the occasion to tout the Healthy Wisconsin plan. He said that last session's Senate approval of the universal care plan "the first time... we've actually had a good, sound, thorough debate about Healthy Wisconsin and health care."

-- By Andy Szal


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