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Saturday, June 14, 2008

 11:30 AM 

Ryan opponents highlight electability

Candidates vying for party support in their campaigns to unseat U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan highlighted their electability and knocked Ryan's plan to address entitlements, taxation and spending.

Marge Krupp positioned herself as a "proven contender," saying that she has what it takes to win by running a full-time campaign, hiring a full-time staff and demonstrating her fundraising ability.

"T.V. and radio are expensive so fundraising is critical," Krupp said.

"I am running a full-time, professional campaign for the United States Congress," Krupp said.

Paulette Garin highlighted her grassroots organization and support from elected officials.

"My committee and I have built a successful grassroots organization," Garin said. "We have established solid relationships and name recognition within and beyond the 1st Congressional District."

She also highlighted attention she has received on television, radio, newspapers and the Internet.

She also pointed to state and local officials supporting her campaign as the "greatest evidence" of the success of her efforts.

A relatively new entrant into the race without a well-developed campaign organization, John Mogk said it isn't necessary to have a lot of money and a large campaign staff to win.

"If that were true, the State of Wisconsin wouldn't have one of the highest rated U.S. senators, Russ Feingold, who once said you can't buy votes in Wisconsin," Mogk said. "Good people without a lot of money have won elections here, and he has the home movies to prove it."

"If we keep playing the same games by the same rules, when are things ever going to change?" Mogk asked.

The candidate were all critical of Ryan and his recently release "Roadmap for America's Future."

Garin blamed Republicans for circumstances that "deteriorate daily at an exponential rate."

Garin pointed to Ryan's plan, which she said is "being marketed to the masses as a brilliant and innovative solution to the problems facing this country."

What it really is, Garin said, "is the same old GOP spin of privatizing social security and Medicare, segregating healthcare access, and providing tax breaks to the wealthiest."

To a refrain of "where is the love" Mogk highlighted problems with education and the economy, healthcare, energy policy and the conduct of the war.

Mogk criticized Ryan's Roadmap for America as "private sector greed" and a "roadmap for Wall Street."

Krupp blasted Ryan for supporting the Iraq War, saying that our economy, security and liberty has been sacrificed for it. She said that while Ryan talks about fiscal conservatism, he continues to vote to fund the war, which she said has put us in an "Iraq recession."

-- By David Wise


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