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Monday, July 02, 2007

 2:45 PM 

GOP Chair Priebus: '06 has gone to Dems' heads

GOP state chairman Reince Priebus' isn't worrying over Gov. Jim Doyle's hints at the Dem state convention last weekend that he will seek a third term.

"Considering the fact that he's proposed the biggest tax increase in Wisconsin history, I hope he does," said Priebus. "He's given us everything we need to put the gas in the tank and explain to the people of Wisconsin why he's completely out of touch."

Priebus said between the tax increases Doyle included in his budget and the Senate Democrats Healthy Wisconsin plan, which he characterizes as a $15 billion "job tax," Democrats have given Republicans all the ammunition they need to take back the state Senate and defend their margin in the Assembly in '08.

"Maybe euphoria of '06 has gone to Democrats' heads," he said.

Priebus was not intimidated by Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton's victory in the straw poll question asking Dems who they'd like to see succeed Doyle should he not run. Lawton more than doubled the vote total of the second place finisher, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

"She'd be the second best person to run against," said Priebus. "She's part of the team of Doyle's tax increases and health care proposals. As far as I'm concerned she's even more out of touch than the governor."

Priebus said he's not concerned with the list of Assembly targets the Democrats identified, including Reps. Brett Davis, J.A. "Doc" Hines, Gene Hahn, and Terry Moulton.

"These guys prevailed in one of the worst political environments for Republicans in our history," Priebus said. "They're going to prevail again, especially during a presidential campaign."

Priebus said he'd like to see Assembly Democrats take a roll call vote on the Healthy Wisconsin plan.

"We'd love to see them take a roll call to get them all on the record with this program," he said. "If they were serious, they should take a roll call."

Priebus said he sees a different political environment surrounding the 2008 election, with new faces for both parties at the top of the ticket. "The issues of '06 are not going to drive the elections in '08," he said. That includes the war in Iraq, he said.

"The House and (President Bush) and the Senate have all made decisions that were made collectively, and continue to be made collectively," he said. "I think the troop surge is going to be completed very soon, and we're going to see where we're at in Iraq in the next three to six months."

Across the board, issues are lining up for Republicans, he said.

"They're serving them up on a silver platter, waiting for us to hit them out of the park," he said.

-- By Greg Bump


 2:28 PM 

Edwards team says poll victory indicative of his strength

Dan Leistikow, spokesman for John Edwards' presidential campaign in Iowa, had this reaction to the former Senator's victory in the WisPolitics.com Dem convention poll:

"Swing states like Wisconsin and Iowa will determine whether we'll have a Democratic president or another four years of George Bush on steroids," Leistikow said. "In poll after poll, Senator Edwards consistently does better than other candidates in these states and is in the strongest position to carry Democrats to victory in November 2008."

-- By Greg Bump



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