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Saturday, June 30, 2007

 3:27 PM 

WisPolitics.com: Edwards, Lautenschlager & Lawton favored in WisPolitics Dem Convo Straw Poll

Contact: JR Ross, WisPolitics Editor, 608-669-8418

MILWAUKEE -- Democratic activists voting in the annual WisPolitics.com Convention Straw Poll this weekend favored John Edwards for president. Straw poll voters also favored Peg Lautenschlager for attorney general in 2010 and Barb Lawton for governor three years from now, should Gov. Jim Doyle decide to pass on a third term.

Of the 389 delegates, alternates and guests who voted, 153 backed Edwards, while Hillary Clinton came in second with 83 votes and Barack Obama was third with 74. In the February 2004 Wisconsin presidential primary, Edwards finished a strong second to Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, the eventual Democratic nominee.

Lautenschlager won the attorney general's office in 2002 but was knocked out of last year's race in the Democratic primary by Dane Co. Exec. Kathleen Falk. Lautenschlager was favored by 158 of those who voted this weekend, while Falk was second with 95 votes. Falk lost to Republican J.B. Van Hollen last fall by fewer than 10,000 votes.

Doyle hinted in his keynote speech to the convention Friday night that he may run for a third term in 2010. The straw poll asked delegates, alternates and guests to pick a 2010 favorite if Doyle doesn't run. Lawton, the lieutenant governor, came in first with 129 votes, while Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was second with 63 votes.

Last year in La Crosse, Russ Feingold was the overwhelming favorite for president among those who voted. Lautenschlager also was favored over Falk in the Democratic primary for attorney general.

WisPolitics, since its launch in 2000, has conducted straw polls at state Republican and Democratic party conventions and considers them but one measure of a candidate's popularity and viability. Paper balloting was conducted Friday and Saturday at this year's convention, and only official attendees of the convention were allowed to vote.

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389 total ballots cast

Which Democratic candidate do you support for president in 2008?
_Joe Biden 4
_Hillary Clinton 83
_Chris Dodd 1
_John Edwards 153
_Mike Gravel 2
_Dennis Kucinich 12
_Barack Obama 74
_Bill Richardson 39
_No votes 5
_Al Gore 13
_Barb Boxer 1
_Russ Feingold 1
_Jim Doyle 1

If a 2010 primary for attorney general were being held today, which Democrat would you choose to be the party's nominee?
_Brian Blanchard 19
_John Chisholm 10
_Pedro Colon 22
_Kathleen Falk 95
_Matt Frank 13
_Peg Lautenschlager 158
_Lena Taylor 40
_No votes 23
_Jon Richards 6
_Marc Marotta 1
_Scot Ross 1
_Barack Obama 1

If Gov. Jim Doyle does not seek re-election in 2010, which Democrat would you choose to be the party's nominee?

_John Antaramian 4
_Tom Barrett 63
_Libby Burmaster 5
_Dave Cieslewicz 17
_Russ Decker 17
_Jon Erpenbach 14
_Kathleen Falk 30
_Ron Kind 26
_Jim Kreuser 17
_Peg Lautenschlager 17
_Barb Lawton 129
_Judy Robson 17
_No votes 19
_Pedro Colon 2
_Jim Doyle 2
_Marc Marotta 2
_Nino Amato 1
_Spencer Coggs 1
_Joe Czarnezki 1
_Russ Feingold 1
_Dave Hansen 1
_Lena Taylor 1
_Kathleen Vinehout 1
_Josh Zepnick 1


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